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Dietary tryptophan supplementation in privately-owned mildly anxious dogs: a randomised double-blinded placebo-controlled behavioural study.Unknown3/31/2018Food composition has been reported to influence mood and behaviour in humans and animals and it could help to reduce unwanted behaviour in dogs. Anxiety-related behaviour is associated with the functioning of the central serotonergic system and here it wa2495
Evaluation of behaviour testing for human directed aggression in dogsUnknown3/31/2018Behaviour test batteries are used to identify aggressive dogs. The Dutch Socially Acceptable Behaviour (SAB)-test has been used since 2001 to select against unwanted aggression and fear in specific dog breeds, though much is unknown yet regarding its ....2726
Lezing Joanne vd Borg 2011: Correctie als Hulpmiddel in training (Honden)541.51 KB3/22/2016Lezing Joanne vd Borg - DB 2011: Correcties als Hulpmiddel in Training van Honden6647