Survey Practice

Practical personality assessment

People and animals have personalities, ranging from coping strategies to narrow order traits like impulsiveness. Here, we are going to discuss and measure the 5 main dimensions of human personality and practice how to assess personality traits in dogs. 

I- Measure your own personality along 5 dimensions:
* visit the site by
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II - Check out the movies and list fear-related behaviours
Movies (click here)
* Perform behavioural observations - Submit scores below  (or click here)

III - Collect results
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* Login: Username:    Practicum     Password:     Honden_1

Select survey PracticumDW, menuoption: Results\Data export, at bottom of page use: [Export CSV]

Evaluate results by calculating correlations

For example, to calculate the correlations between Crossings (scores in column K) and Vocalizations (in column L) write in an empty cell:  =CORREL(K2:K50, L2:L50)


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